Susquehanna Valley School

Project Summary

Griffiths Engineering provided Structural Engineering and Site Development services for the High School, Middle School, and the two Elementary Schools including the following elements of work for the Capital Project:

  • Auditorium Theatrical Lighting- Structural analysis of the existing roof structure for the new equipment loading.
  • Classroom Renovations- Structural review of the existing structure for the new layout including removal and relocation of partitions.
  • Roof Replacement at Brookside- Structural engineering for new canopy design to be similar to existing Donnelly School design.
  • Operable Partition Replacement at Donnelly and Middle School- Structural review and evaluation of tracks and supporting structure for replacement of existing gymnasium partitions.
  • New Storage Building- Structural engineering for the 20’ x 40’ x 10’H building including foundation design. This work will include a retaining wall and minor site work.
  • Structural Evaluation of existing snow load for the Auditorium and Library Roofs to determine magnitude and impact of potential snow drift/sliding snow loads on lower roofs based on ASCE 7 procedures and to review available design/construction/as-built documents to assess the existing roof framing load capacity.


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