Municipal Engineering Services

Towns of Conklin, Kirkwood, Binghamton, Union, and Maine, NY

Project Summary

Griffiths Engineering (GE) has been the Town Engineer for Conklin since 2005, Kirkwood since 2008 and the Town of Maine since December of 2011. We are also the Town Engineers for Binghamton since 2015, and Town of Union since 2016. GE has completed numerous "federal and state-aid" projects involved preparing an abbreviated engineering reports, design plans, specifications and construction inspection services. These services have included concrete retaining wall replacements, embankment stabilizations, bridge and culvert replacements, drainage and roadway repairs. Projects involved coordination with all review agencies including the NYSDEC, SEMO, FEMA and USACOE. Griffiths Engineering also provides planning and zoning support, funding and grant writing services for its Municipal clients in addition to project reviews including stormwater plan review, inspections, and program management (Including MS4s).


Towns of Conklin, Kirkwood, Binghamton, Union, and Maine, NY

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